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Stupid People

Well, I just found out, that some peolpe are really really stupid.

Why don't they have some kinda respect? I don't know, but I think, it's some kind of misscredit by their parents...Education, anyone?

Well then, this week, I received a letter, and I was very nervous what would wait for me. It was the Contract, that made me a pupil at a school, where I can learn for what is called Fremdsprachenkorrepondent in german. So I will leave this fucking school I'm in right now.

Well, that's it for the moment!

See yah soon

1.3.08 13:28

New One

So, this is my new blog, and I decided to do that because don't normally write more than I have to, but at the moment, i feel pissed off bye all the world surounding me. From time to time I will post things, i care about, storie of my life, songtextes, pictures and other things like that.

See yah soon!

25.2.08 16:08

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